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    Optima Gold. The Golden Touch of Beauty.

    Permanent Makeup Cartridges by Kwadron
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    Sona Sky™ Unrestrained Artistry.

    Here is the revolutionary wireless PMU machine. The only tool that allows your artistic vision to be fully realized.
  • Optima Cartridges.

    Enhance beauty without limits! Unleash your creativity with the safety, quality, and precision of our professional Kwadron PMU Optima permanent makeup cartridges.
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    NUVA COLORS Pigments.

    Beauty in every shade. Achieve stunning and long-lasting results with the latest PMU pigments, crafted in compliance with EU regulations. The rich color palette offers endless creative possibilities.
  • Pretty Me Up Cosmetics.

    Perfection in one line. Benefit from premium cosmetics that professionally support the pigmentation process and comprehensively care for your client's skin even outside the salon.

Optima Cartridges.
Innovation that will captivate you! 

Unlock the full potential of your creative beauty journey, as these cartridges flawlessly adapt to all pigmentation techniques and areas. From eyebrows, lips, and eyelids to areolas, freckles, scalp, and scars, Optima cartridges are the perfect choice for achieving stunning results every time. With Optima, it's you who truly defines the limits of beauty.

  • Precision

    A perfectly finished line maintaining a distinctive detail

  • Efficiency

    Less skin traumatization resulting in faster work and greater predictability of effects

  • Compatibility

    Perfect for use with Glovcon Machines

  • Detail

    More even saturation due to easy pixel building and gradation

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Coming Soon: Kwadron PMU Academy! Get ready to elevate your skills and share your passion with industry peers at Kwadron PMU Academy - the place where you can unlock your full potential. We are dedicated to creating a space where you can thrive, collaborate, and learn from the very best in the world. Our partnership with top-notch experts ensures access to cutting-edge techniques, top-of-the-line equipment, and exclusive training sessions. Prepare to conquer the industry with Kwadron PMU Academy! Join us on this exciting journey toward excellence!

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  • 100+ ambassadors worldwide
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