• PMU Optima Cartridges by Kwadron®.

    Professional needles that enhance timeless beauty!

Available in various sizes and types. Suitable for every technique!

Elevate your permanent makeup game with Kwadron® PMU Optima cartridges. Our high-quality cartridges are designed to enhance your artistry and deliver impeccable results after healing.Join the ranks of thousands of PMU artists who rely on Optima needles as their ultimate go-to. Discover why Kwadron is the trusted choice for professionals. Read on and explore Optima Cartridges.






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Precision-crafted from premium materials, paying meticulous attention to every detail. With Optima, you're assured of delivering top-notch results, ensuring customer satisfaction every time!
It's crucial for both you and your client. It influences the outcome of your work. Don't settle for compromises when it comes to safety. Choose cartridges of the highest quality.
We put in every effort to ensure that the solutions used in creating our cartridges meet your creative needs and align with the latest industry trends.
Perfect performance in conjunction with most PMU machines available on the market.
Experience boundless creativity with our wide range of types and sizes. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned specialist pioneering unique pigmentation techniques, our cartridges are designed to meet your every need.


Beauty expressed in pixels.

Creating permanent makeup demands skill and creativity. That's why we call linergists PMU Artists, and treat cartridges like brushes. We've crafted various types and sizes to meet all your creative needs because... one brush doesn't create a masterpiece!

Safety ingrained in every detail.

Our cartridges come equipped with a full protective membrane that prevents any liquids from entering the machine, ensuring 100% safety. The cartridge casing is made of durable medical-grade plastic, resistant to wear, eliminating the risk of any fragments entering the skin during the needle work. The needles themselves are crafted from surgical-grade steel, safe for individuals with nickel allergies. Each cartridge is individually sterilized and labeled with an expiration date. All production, technology, and packaging processes adhere to the highest standards to ensure your safety. Rest assured, we've got your back when it comes to safety!



Quality that nurtures your creativity.

Our innovative needle attachment system and the use of a full protective membrane ensure stability during pigmentation, translating to complete control and precise movements. The textured interior walls of the cartridge and perfectly sharpened needles facilitate smooth pigment flow and implementation beneath the skin, guaranteeing even and consistent work. Experience the quality that empowers your creativity to blossom!


Healed results that captivate!

Thanks to the technological advancement in our cartridge production, we've created the sharpest needles available in the market, ensuring excellent results in your work. The way they are sharpened prevents excessive skin trauma and inflammation. Perfect needles, combined with the quality materials used in our cartridges, create an ideal tool that elevates the quality of your work and guarantees wonderful healing results. Experience the magic of our cartridges in achieving mesmerizing outcomes!


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