• AQUARELLE LIPS. Which needles are the best choice for achieving this effect?

Unveiling the Aquarelle Technique: Crafting Delicate Lips with Precision

Step into the enchanting world of the Aquarelle Technique, a masterful approach to lip pigmentation that embraces softness and natural allure. Our expert, Marta Ziolkowska-Serafin, unveils the secrets behind creating lips that are elegantly undefined, delicately transparent, and utterly captivating.

Technique Demystified

In the Aquarelle Technique, the lip contour abandons strong geometric lines, allowing the lips to embody a natural, delicate appearance. Described by Marta as "transparent lips," this technique unveils a unique approach to lip pigmentation, emphasizing subtlety and charm.

The Needle of Choice: RS Cartridge

Marta's go-to needle for perfecting the Aquarelle Technique is the RS cartridge. Uniquely designed, the needles in this cartridge are strategically spaced out, creating a breathable canvas for precise pigment placement. The outcome? Lips that boast a remarkably transparent and light effect, enhancing their inherent beauty.


Why Optima RS cartridge is a game-changer?

Choosing Optima RS needles for crafting Aquarelle Lips is like having a trusty sidekick in your artistic journey! These needles, designed with shading mastery in mind, bring a friendly touch to the Aquarelle Technique. They are arranged with just the right amount of space between the needles. This intentional spacing allows for a magical gradation, ensuring the lips appear light, transparent, and oh-so-refined.


Kwadron Optima RS needles add a dose of precision and finesse to your Aquarelle game, making them the go-to choice for artists who want to infuse their lip art with a touch of natural charm and delightful subtlety!


Watch Marta's video now and elevate your lip pigmentation game with her expert insights.

Marta Ziółkowska-Serafin


As the Head Trainer at Kwadron PMU, Marta is the visionary behind many innovative solutions in the design and enhancement of permanent makeup equipment. She is the creator of unique working techniques, a multiple-time judge at PMU championships in Poland and Europe, a lecturer, and an author of expert articles in industry publications. Marta has been featured in TV programs and webinars as a PMU expert. She holds an international certification as a Make Up Pro Artist and Beauty Metamorphosis.

Additionally, Marta is a member of the KINTSUGI foundation, where she, along with a doctor, assists patients with facial deformities.